Tiempo ritmo was presented at;
Errant Sound Rungestr. 20 ,10179 Berlin

El Tiempo Ritmo- is a time that exists in the gravity of  ocean crossings -oleajes - it is a time that comes alive through the totality of relations that float around swells, waves and the winds above the seas. It takes form as an open cycle, It comes into deep consciousness along the aural movement of the breeze. It does not impose any barrier, for it lives through other waters that exceed territorial delimitation. It is the coming and going of waters that find rest among the calm of coastlines.

This is not a singular time, it is not regulated by measures or metrics. It is time that comes and goes along the rhythmicity of water formations. It is the gift of embodiment which performs memory, knowledge, exchange. It is the breathing of earthly bodies blending into rhythmic events, It is a time conceived within the boundless travel of music.

Cosmoaudiciones resignifies worlds of sonic encounter from the archive, expanding listening practices outside the institution and into the public realm.

El Tiempo Ritmo is a musical lecture - performance which circulates around notions of non linear time. The presentation is part of Cosmoaudiciones an artistic project by Miguel Buenrostro with the participation of Laura Robles, Trigo Santana, Fabiano Luna, Robby Geerken, Tom Kessler and Banda Hodi.




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