Listening Sensing Receiving was presented on 05.11.2022
at Savvy Contemporary, Berlin.
presented Within the Magical Hackerism INVOCATIONS
and the fourth edition of Radical Sounds Latin America

All photos by Udo Siegfriedt

LISTENING – SENSING – RECEIVING is an improvisation performance that reflects on the journeys of resistance and re-existence struggles through the musical worlds that travel in and out of the Atlantic into the Americas. The performance acknowledges music which has been static and enclosed in ethnographic collections. Through a process of listening to materials from  the Berlin Phonogramm Archiv, the Cosmoaudiciones artists have re-embodied rhythms by improvising and hosting them around notions of non linear time, synchronicity and aural travel.

The sonic presentation imagines musical travel through water flow, waves, currents, oleajes which made possible encounter and exchange. Through music improvisation we recognize the legacies that have brought worlds of meaning in and out of the Atlantic.


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